Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Idea's Brewing

Coming into Christmas Break, I didn't expect to have any big "ah ha" moments, but I did. Speaking with Patrick, my mentor, we started talking of putting on a permaculture design course on Sunrise Ranch this summer. It would include high school students from all over the front range and be 100% sustainable. All of the food would be grown on Sunrise and we would be camping for the whole week. Of course, Patrick would be the leader of the course but Stone and I would also be putting on presentations and activities. It is important that we get all students who are interested in sustainability and permaculture to attend this awesome event. No doubt we have lots of planning to go, but the ideas are in place to put on this conference. Funding is also a big question in our process.

Any ideas?
Anybody interested?


  1. i love that you are doing this Hans. can't wait to see it unfold.

    i just ran across this list of crowdfunding (collected by Venessa Miemis, the lady that started future of money, that we've talked about before in regard to new definitions of success)

    perhaps some of them will be useful resources for funding your design course.

  2. No ideas.... but I do have some print resources if you'd like to borrow. Before we moved off our farm and up here to CO, I was hugely 'into' permaculture. I have "Gaia's Garden" and "The Permaculture Design Manual" around here somewhere, as well as a few other things from Joel Salatin that relate. I'll hunt them down and send them via Mrs. Hardy, if you haven't read them and would like to do so.