Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby Steps

I first experienced permaculture while camping with my mentor, Patrick, and some other close friends. Although the camping trip was just for fun, the ideas Patrick talked about really spoke to me. He preached the importance of observing nature and the patterns as well as designs in each living organism, then applying those to your permaculture design. One of the most important parts of permaculture is observation and planning stages. By first observing powerful patterns and then planning a bomber design, you can save tremendous amounts of energy. And saving energy is truly the beautiful essence of permaculture.

Here are some interesting designs to get you thinking:

So, how can we implement these designs not only into our sustainable systems but into our society? We have to get smart and get thinking. Could one of these possibly be used as a new and more efficient traffic movement system? Or maybe the building of a new structure?

What are your ideas?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Blog

How does this thing work? I'm just supposed to spit all the things I am interested in onto this page? Alright that's cool, here it goes. Permaculture is my life. When my mentor Patrick first started lecturing me, I thought "this is what i will do with my life." It just made sense. If I can help educate and design this sustainable systems around the world, why not? So we got the ball rolling by putting together a set of objectives to complete. Hopefully one day these objectives can be used when Patrick's permaculture internship program is set in place at Sunrise Ranch. Although i have only completed a couple of these objectives so far, I know that I am helping something bigger form. With Patricks ideas and innovations, we can create a program that changes the lives of many, and eventually changes the world. Permaculture is life!